Solutions Engineer
Guillaume ARLUISON

After finishing his science and IT degrees in Avignon (France), Guillaume worked in Sophia Antipolis for a startup quickly bought by France Telecom to become Voila and Wanadoo where he worked on the first major search engines and ecommerce projects. He then moved to UK and helped built a startup on the topic of QA for IT and software testing solutions.

He finally pursued his career in Switzerland where he worked for many multinationals, NGOs, banks and states’ administration on eCommerce, databases, intranet and digital marketing multi-languages/countries projects through different service companies.

His main expertise is related to Open Source software that he used throughout his 20 years career.

He’s passionate about giving back some of his knowledge and time and proud to work on the Polio Surveillance Program to eradicate Polio through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for WHO.